Melanage Peel Dallas

The Melange Peel is a peel performed in only a few select doctors’ offices across the nation, including Dr. Katz’s cosmetic surgery Dallas office and medspa. The peel was created by a pharmaceutical company to target stubborn hyperpigmentation (brown spots) and melasma (sometimes called the “mask of pregnancy”). Experts believe this discoloration is caused by sun exposure and hormonal changes (whether by pregnancy, birth control pills, or hormonal replacement).

Since this peel is aggressive you can expect some down time to achieve the desired results. You will notice improvement in skin texture, tone, diminished pore size, and stimulation of collagen growth while lightening hyperpigmentation. In many cases the results can be described as “dramatic.” The peel takes about an hour for your appointment, but you will leave the Medi-Spa with the product on your face. The product will be removed eight hours from the time of application.