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Silikon Lip Injections

Beautify your lips using Silikon lip injections.  This non–surgical strategy improves your appearance by adding fullness to  the upper and lower lips.

Why Dr. Katz Likes Silikon 1000?

Dr. Katz prefers using Silikon 1000 Injections for lip enhancement.  Medical grade silicone is used as a cosmetic filler for permanent and completely natural looking results.  Silikon lip injections are safe and superior to other lip fillers because they provide permanent, lasting results.

What is Silikon?

Silikon is a cosmetic filler made from pure silicone and used as a safe permanent way to enhance the lips.  Silikon injections give thin lips a plumper, more desirable look.  Dr. Katz has used Silikon for lip injections for many years.  He is experienced in Silikon lip injection techniques to ensure that the procedure is done correctly.

How is Silikon Injected?

Injecting tiny micro droplets of Silikon create permanent fullness to lip areas. Typically patients require two or three injection appointments over a span of months. Therefore, each appointment is spaced out over four to six weeks.  The timing between lip injections allows the patient to recognize the full effect of each lip injection session.  After the designated time patients can decide upon whether an additional Silikon injection is needed in order to obtain the fullness they desire. Using only medical grade Silikon and ensuring the Silikon is injected properly, with a practiced hand, is critical in achieving your desired results.

How Full is too Full?

Following the precise time schedule and method for lip injections is very important when using Silikon.  Because Silikon is permanent, the injection technique must be controlled properly to avoid any adverse conditions, like bumpy or hard areas in the lips.  Dr. Katz suggests patients only endeavor to enhance lips to acquire a natural looking fullness to the lips in harmony with other facial features.  This approach will ensure a satisfying enhancement result.

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