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Injectables & Facial Fillers
Dallas, TX

Non-Surgical Alternatives

Dr. Katz recommends using Facial Fillers and Botox for patients who want to take a non-surgical approach to aging.  Injecting for over 30 years, Dr. Katz  is a pioneer in the use of facial fillers and Botox.  His results, using both Botox Injections and/or Juviderm Facial Fillers, create a more youthful appearance by reducing wrinkles and by adding fullness to the face.  Even though non-surgical options are temporary in nature they can improve an aging face.  And continued use can maintain those desired results, thereby providing a youthful transformation and increased confidence.

Juviderm Facial Fillers

Dr. Katz uses Juviderm Ultra Plus, Voluma, Volbella, and Vollure to add fullness to the face.  Each of the different filler types target specific areas of the face.  Depending upon the area you want to add fullness and the look you want to create, Dr. Katz can easily recommend which filler to use.  The proper injection technique is critical in order to achieve a successful outcome, therefore allow Dr. Katz, an expert, to perform this task.  Furthermore, he will discuss the benefits and expected longevity of each filler to maintain your desired result.

Botox Cosmetic

Botox is used to temporarily reduce facial frown lines in the forehead and around the outside corners of the eyes (crow’s feet).  When properly injected, Botox relaxes facial muscles designing a smoother look to the skin, thereby, reducing the signs of aging.  Botox typically lasts between 3-5 months depending on the individual.  Proper placement of Botox into the muscle is paramount in achieving the desired results.  Let Dr. Katz, an experienced injector, help you look younger using Botox.


It is important to have facial fillers and Botox Injections administered by a qualified and experienced physician to ensure the proper treatment and placement of the injections.  Dr. Katz has treated thousands of satisfied non-surgical patients with Botox and Fillers. Come meet Dr. Katz to discuss non-surgical alternatives to enhance your youthfulness.