Midface Lift in Dallas

Often, the earliest signs of aging appear in the midface region.  The midface region is the triangular area which is formed between the two corners of each eye and the corner of the mouth. As time and gravity begin to take their effects, the eyelids and cheeks begin to sag, often creating a haggard and tired appearance.  So when this happens, a midface lift may be your solution to counteract aging.

A midface lift is a surgical procedure targeting the area around the nose, eyes and corners of the mouth. Since a midface lift tightens and smooths the skin and muscle tissue in the cheeks the face appears more youthful.  To perform the plastic surgery procedure, Dr. Katz creates incisions in the temple and in the natural curves in front of the ear and earlobe region. Next, the underlying muscle and connective tissues are tightened thereby repositioning the cheek fat pads to their desired location.

Dr. Katz performs this procedure on an outpatient basis with IV Sedation and local anesthesia. Surgery typically takes 1.5-2 hours. Makeup can be applied within one week and most patients return to work within one week of surgery.