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Facial Fat Grafting

Facial Fat Transfer

Facial Fat Grafting is a surgical procedure designed to replace lost volume in the face. As part of the natural aging process, we begin to lose fat in the face. This volume loss is particularly noticeable in the eyes, cheeks and jawline. Fat grafts, also known as fat transfers,  provide a long term result, rather than the temporary result seen by most synthetic products.

The fat is removed from the body (most often the abdomen), using a tiny liposuction cannula. After removal, the fat is processed and separated from other components. The fat is then injected in microdroplets, layer by layer, into the cheeks, facial folds, jawline, or under the eyes.

Fat Grafts are frequently performed in conjunction with the Facelift procedure. However, Fat Grafting can be done as an isolated procedure under local anesthesia. No incisions are made in the face for the grafts.

This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis at our plastic surgery office. Full makeup can be worn within one week.