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Chin Implants & Augmentation
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Chin Augmentation Surgery

Surgical Chin augmentation or “mentoplasty” improves facial balance by using a chin implant.  In fact, using a chin implant often balances the profile by extending the chin in relationship with the nose.  By using chin implants,  Dr. Katz surgically reshapes the size of the chin thereby eliminating a weak or receding chin.  Additionally, a chin implant improves the appearance of jowls by smoothing the transition from jowl to chin.  So, improve your chin’s appearance to create a more flattering profile.  And, if you are thinking about fixing your chin talk to Dr. Warren Katz.  Dr. Katz is an experienced implant surgeon.  Please review the before and after pictures of actual patients in the photo gallery.

Chin Implant Procedure Details

Synthetic chin implants are used for chin augmentation.    During surgery, a small incision is made beneath the chin, or alternatively, inside the mouth.  Next, the chin implant is inserted.  For your safety and comfort, Chin Augmentation Surgery is performed under IV sedation and local anesthesia in our fully accredited surgical suite.  Surgery only takes about an hour with  minimal recovery time needed.

Mentoplasty, or chin augmentation, can be performed alone or in conjunction with other cosmetic facial surgery, such as a rhytidectomy (facelift) or reconstructive rhinoplasty (nasal reconstructive surgery), to name just a few. Please take a look at our photo gallery to see Dr. Katz remarkable results.

When considering a chin implant book a free consultation appointment with Dr. Katz.  Call our Dallas Plastic Surgery office at 972-239-7005 and let Dr. Katz answer your chin implant questions.   If you are interested in combining chin implant surgery with face lift surgery or rhinoplasty in Dallas, he will address all your questions regarding plastic surgery.