Chin Augmentation in Dallas

Facial balance is extremely important in the consideration of any type of facial aesthetic surgery. Aesthetic chin augmentation (mentoplasty) is a surgical procedure to reshape or increase the size of the chin for better projection and appearance. This procedure can balance the profile by extending the chin in relationship with the nose.

A synthetic implant is used to augment a weak or receding chin, or to improve the appearance of jowls, by smoothing the transition from jowl to chin. Normally a small incision is made beneath the chin for this procedure, but can alternately be made inside the mouth. Mentoplasty (chin augmentation) may be performed alone or in conjunction with other facial aesthetic surgery such as a rhytidectomy (facelift) or reconstructive rhinoplasty (nasal reconstructive surgery). The procedure is performed under IV sedation and local anesthesia.

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