Plastic surgery in Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX

Dr. Katz uses IV sedation (twilight sleep) for anesthesia on all surgical procedures. For surgery, anesthesia is administered by a board certified anesthesiologist.  And all surgeries are performed in our private surgery center located in Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Warren J. Katz’s office.

A note from Dr. Katz about IV Sedation Anesthesia…

IV sedation is a combination of medications administered through an I.V.  IV sedation or twilight sleep allows the patient to sleep through surgery and be completely comfortable during surgery. General anesthesia, on the other hand, requires a breathing tube in which gasses are used to keep the patient asleep.

Some surgeons prefer the use of general anesthesia as it requires less time on the doctor’s part. However, IV sedation should be the patient’s preferred method since it is safer and the recovery is much easier.

Dr. Katz chooses to use IV sedation for all cosmetic procedures, including nose surgery, liposuction and breast augmentation in Dallas. IV Sedation is safer because patients are breathing on their own, without the help of a machine and breathing tube, as would be used with general anesthesia. Since no breathing tube is required, you avoid the higher risk of damage to the lungs, formation of blood clots, urinary retention, pulmonary complications and malignant hyperthermia. Recovery time is quicker with IV sedation than with general anesthesia. A patient awakens much quicker from twilight sleep and is able to go home within 30-40 minutes.  IV sedation does not require an overnight surgical stay.  Additionally, incidents of nausea are very rare and you won’t experience a sore throat, since there is no breathing tube.