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Chemical Skin Peels
Dallas, TX

VI Peel

Chemical peels work by exfoliating the sluggish skin while opening the cuticle of the skin on the face, neck and shoulders. The peel stimulates the production of new living skin cells as well as aid in promoting the formation of new collagen. These treatments are an excellent way to help alleviate the signs of aging including; hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, thickening of the facial skin, excess oiliness, sun damage, and acne blemishes and scarring. Those who suffer from sebaceous acne may also enjoy the benefits from this type of treatment.

Following your peel, you will see visible improvements in skin color, clarity, tone and texture as well as a detoxification of the skin. Occasionally patients experience mild discomfort, however, most report no discomfort. There are virtually no side effects other than a slight “pinking” of the treated areas and the actual peeling of the skin that may last from 1-5 days following the peel. One week after the peel, a Microdermabrasion treatment is usually recommended to help speed up the exfoliation process.