Neck Lift Surgery in Dallas

In most people, the neck is the first place that shows one’s age. These first signs of aging in the neck may appear as loose or sagging skin under the chin and jaw. In some, neck bands or a “turkey neck” begin to form. As the aging process continues, sagging of the neck can hide the definition of the jawline. In addition, fat depositions underneath the chin can grow and lead to a double, or triple chin.

Neck lift surgery addresses the neck and undersurface of the chin. There are several techniques used to correct these problem areas in the neck, depending on  the patient’s individual goals and desires. These include removing fat and skin from the neck as well as tightening the underlying neck muscles. Incisions are placed around the earlobe, in the hair and under the skin.

This surgery takes two hours to perform on an outpatient basis under IV sedation. Makeup can be applied within one week of surgery. Most of Dr. Katz’s plastic surgery patients return to work in one week.