Facial Plastic Surgery Advanced by WW1 Tragedies

Interesting article by The Sydney Morning Herald… Facial Plastic Surgery Advanced by WW1 Tragedies by Andrew Stephens Australian soldier William Kearsey was on the Ypres battlefront for only 16 days in 1917 before he suffered horrific facial injuries from shell fragments. He had trained for 18 months for the war, but his recovery took far [...]

DIY Plastic Surgery Nightmares

Another reminder to do your research before having anything done. Cosmetic surgery is completely safe when performed by a Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon who knows what they are doing. However, in the wrong hands, it can be dangerous. http://www.medicaldaily.com/diy-plastic-surgery-nightmares-woman-nearly-dies-after-silicone-butt-injections-cause-staph-291234

Botox Treatments can relieve Chronic Migraine Headaches

House Call: Botox treatment can relieve chronic migraine headaches By Dr. Siddharth Kaul Do you or does someone you know experience 15 or more headaches per month? If so, do these headaches last at least four hours or more, and has it been an ongoing issue for more than six months? If these symptoms sound [...]

The Importance of Sunscreen

As summer heats up, an important reminder to always wear sunscreen!   The Importance of Sunscreen: How to Select, Apply, and Use It Correctly Now that the warm weather’s finally upon us, it’s important to remember that while we may love the outdoors, going to the beach and how we look with a tan, there [...]

Botox Becoming More Popular with Women in their 20s

Botox is becoming more popular with women in their 20s 28 May 2013 The number of young women getting Botox and cosmetic surgery to prevent ageing is increasing. A recent study by ABC News has found that the amount of 20 to 30 year-old women receiving Botox treatment has risen ten per cent in a [...]

A Quarter of Men want Partner to have Cosmetic Surgery

From the Daily Mail… A Quarter of Men want their Partner to have Cosmetic Surgery (and liposuction is top of the boy’s wishlist) By Deni Kirkova Men say they would like their partner to undergo surgery to improve looks Liposuction tops list with 57% of the vote, followed by breast enlargement Vast majority would never [...]

Plastic Surgery Makes Us Happy

From Cosmopolitan Magazine… Plastic Surgery Makes People Happy – Facts about Plastic Surgery by Natasha Burton have a friend who, despite being a vegan, hot yoga-loving, self-professed hippie, has had a boob job. You would never know by looking at her (her ta-tas are amazing, but totally real looking) and you would never think that [...]