Brazilian Butt Lift in Dallas

Quick Facts about Brazilian Butt Lift

  • Length: 2-3 hours
  • Anesthesia: IV sedation
  • In/Outpatient: outpatient (at Dr. Katz’s accredited surgical center)
  • Temporary Post-op Symptoms: swelling, bruising, soreness
  • Recovery:
    • Return to work: 10-14 days
    • Light exercise: 3 weeks
    • Swelling completely resolves: three to six months

For more information about Brazilian Butt Lift, please contact Dr. Warren J. Katz by calling 972-239-7005.

There are several ways to enhance a naturally flat or shapeless buttocks. In the past, the only option available to plastic surgeons was artificial buttock implants. More recently, however, they have adopted a new technique called the Brazilian Butt Lift, which uses autologous fat (i.e., your own fat) to add shape and roundness to the backside. Patients love Brazilian Butt Lift because in addition to enhancing the buttocks, it slims and sculpts the donor area.

Why Choose Dr. Katz for Brazilian Butt Lift

For optimal results, autologous fat transfer procedures like the Brazilian Butt Lift should be performed by an experienced, talented plastic surgeon. Warren J. Katz, MD, FACS, is a leading plastic surgeon in Dallas that numerous patients have trusted with their surgery. Dr. Katz is known for producing beautiful results that look completely natural.

One of the challenges of fat transfer procedures is that not all of the transplanted fat will “take,” and the results won’t last very long. A less-experienced surgeon may not know how to work around this obstacle. Thanks to his expertise, Dr. Katz can deliver long-lasting results that his patients can enjoy for many years.

Am I a Candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Do you desire a larger and more rounded backside? Do you have surplus fat in another area of your body (e.g., the abdomen, hips, thighs)? If so, you may be a suitable candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift. If you do not have enough existing body fat, Dr. Katz will review other options.

Your candidacy will be confirmed during a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Katz. He will perform a physical examination of your buttocks and potential donor area(s). He will ask about your medical history, to ensure you are healthy and able to undergo surgery. Also, Dr. Katz will inquire about your desired results and help you set appropriate expectations of surgery. He will explain how he plans to approach your case.

Procedural Details

Dr. Katz will use liposuction techniques to remove the donor fat from the pre-determined area of the body. The fat will be purified and prepared for injection into the buttocks.

Then, Dr. Katz will inject the fat into the buttocks and then strategically place the fat, concentrating on the upper portion of the buttocks to produce a “lifted” result. The number of injections and amount of fat that he uses is different for every patient; in your case, it will depend on the type of result you hope to achieve.

What Does Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Entail?

Both the donor and buttock area will be sore and swollen after surgery; these side effects last temporarily and subside with time. You will need to wear a special compression garment to control swelling and help the body’s tissues conform to their new curves. If you experience any pain, take oral medication as prescribed by Dr. Katz.

You will need to avoid sitting directly on your buttocks as it heals. You will also need to refrain from strenuous activity, including exercise, until Dr. Katz clears you. Everyone heals at their own pace, but many Brazilian Butt Lift patients are able to return to work within a week.

Schedule a Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation

For more information about Brazilian Butt Lift, please contact Dr. Katz and schedule a consultation at his Dallas plastic surgery practice. Call 972-239-7005 or send an email today.



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